Located right in the heart of the Mediterranean region, Malta has become a hub for investment in recent years by creating the right economic environment to attract global players across various key sectors.

After all, the Maltese Islands are:

  • Members of the EU, since 2004
  • Members of the Eurozone, since 2008
  • Extremely well-connected to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
  • Multi-lingual, with a strong grasp of English, Italian and French
  • Multi-cultural, with an educated, international workforce
  • A hub for knowledge-based industries, including financial services and IT
  • Renowned for their excellent telecommunications facilities
  • Recognised as a centre for excellence.

Additionally, Malta is a world-class regulatory environment, with governing bodies that include the Malta Financial Services Authority , the Lotteries and Gaming Authority and the Central Bank of Malta. Each ensures stringent procedures are adhered to, protecting both clients and investors.