As a leading financial institution operating in international markets, Northway Group is regulated through a variety of highly-respected, international licensing organisations.

In Malta, where the company’s head office is based, Northway Financial Corporation Limited have been licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority  (MFSA) as a Category 2 Financial Institution since 2005. The MFSA is the single regulator for financial services in the country, incorporating banking, investment, insurance and all financial activity. Having been established in 2002, it is a fully autonomous public institution which reports to the Maltese Parliament annually and also to the European Commission in Brussels on a regular basis. It is responsible for ensuring compliance with EU directives and transposing such directives into local legislation whilst also regulating and supervising financial service institutions. As licensees of the MFSA, Northway Group has to abide by strict license conditions and files numerous reports and ratios on a monthly/quarterly basis to the Authorities.

At Northway Group we believe in creating a strong culture of compliance, our licensing is a reflection of this culture together with our desire to voluntarily join numerous consumer protection agencies.