13/06/2011 - Malta ranks high on global stability index

Malta has recently reported a 30% growth in its financial services sector in 2010 and there has subsequently been a considerable rise in employment in its financial services sector over the last few years.

Not only did Malta’s financial sector escape unscathed from the global crisis, but the sector registered consecutive double digit growth rates,’ reported Malta’s Prime Minister, the Honourable Lawrence Gonzi.

‘In 2010, the financial services sector grew by 30%, confirming its strong fundamentals and its potential as one of Malta’s main economic derivers. With over 9,500 employees, 1,000 of which joined over the last three years. This confirms that the sector is fast becoming a key motor of employment growth,’ he added.

It can be said that Malta’s economy has come through the credit crunch and market crisis remarkably unscathed. The stability of its financial institutions is the main reason why the jurisdiction scored so well on the global stability index.

Source: www.investmentinternational.com