23/04/2013 - Ties between UK and Malta in tourism sector

Minister for Tourism, Karmenu Vella today received a courtesy call from the British High Commissioner, Robert Haydon were both parties spoke about the ties between the two countries especially in the tourism sector with the UK still being the most popular destination for Maltese citizens.

Minister Vella spoke about the challenges faced in this sector among which is the tourism seasonality where the government is working towards exploring new markets that can increase the number of tourists to visit Malta by investing in sporting and cultural tourism. He stated that while the statistics for this year are very encouraging there is always room for improvement especially in developing more attractions for tourists.

British High Commissioner Haydon recognized that the tourism sector is an important pillar in the relation between the two countries and this also due to the fact that many UK nationals are resident in Malta.


Source: http://www.di-ve.com/news/ties-between-uk-and-malta-tourism-sector